Tuesday, 19 February 2013

The meaning of life - Update

I wrote a post titled The Meaning of Life a couple of years back, and after re-reading it, decided to add a few more relevant points and some wonderful photos for your enjoyment. As we live and learn our ideas evolve along with everything else - at least it does for some of us.

Love and compassion - no god required


The Meaning of Life

Life has no meaning. Life needs no meaning.

Life's meaning is living life.

And that is why scientists and doctors, philosophers and deluded religious thinkers, have failed to come up with an answer. Life is for living, to the best of our ability.

We are not here for any purpose other than living the life bestowed upon us by Nature.  The gift of life comes with no conditions attached - never has and never will.

Nature has not given us or any other animal a life in order to indebt us to itself - it has no such agenda.

Nature expects nothing more from us than to live life. And when staying alive is not an option, it will absorb and recycle our remains and turn them into new life.

Nature has no bias towards good or evil, straight or gay, black or white, man or ant. It does not discriminate between the rich and poor, the giver and the taker, the maker or breaker; not even between the living or deceased.

Nature did not favour Mother Theresa over Adolf Hitler, or Florence Nightingale over Josef Stalin - it simply recycled both in the same uncompromising way it will recycle all of us.

Nature expects nothing but continuation and ensures life's longing for itself is the ultimate driving force - without judgement.

We are here to live the life we inherited, and if in the process we send forth our DNA by procreation, fine, if not, fine, there will be no retribution.  Nature bears no grudges and harbours no vengeful thoughts.

As social animals, we have developed laws and regulations, morals and activities likely to enhance our existence. All social animal groups display the same characteristics. You will find love and compassion, justice and fraternity in all animal social groups, from a pride of lions to a colony of ants, from a human village to a meerkat colony. Nature has bestowed upon its creations intelligence and common sense.

Humans are inherently good natured and will continue to strive to  improve the lives of all who share this great natural world of ours. Humans or any other animal group does not need to invent an almighty god to acquire morals and guidance, it needs only to study the world around us. The answers to social success are already available, one only needs to study Nature to get the answers. For examples of social cohesion and mutual benefit cooperation, look no further than a colony of Emperor penguins; or a band of gorillas; a school of dolphins, and countless more.

Here are some displays of friendship among animals - and no god-given moral code required!

Nature has one commandment; 'Let there be life'.

Humanity needs only to add another;  'Treat others as you'd like to be treated'.


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