Sunday, 17 February 2013

Tears...of a convivial man

Below is a short poem I wrote last night.   It reflects my struggle in adjusting to life here in London after being away so long. A reflection of my homecoming.

What is "home"?   

Presently, home is a house, like all others. A structured shelter, devoid of meaning and soul unless those I love most enter and dwell within.

And not happening.



Tears flow gently
warm against my skin
sudden and intensely
tears from deep within

Tears flow gently
as messengers of doom
proclaiming intently
my self-imposed gloom

Tears are still flowing
Details are washed away
but memories remain sowing
tears for another day


And as each day passes, the more I question the wisdom of my decision. 



  1. They say life is a marathon and not a hopefully things become clearer with time.

    1. I believe it will - it always does. I am an optimist by nature although it may not see at times :)