Thursday, 7 February 2013

From London, with love

Coming up to two weeks in London and I'm missing my friends in Madeira even more than I thought I would. The worst times are when I'm home alone, in the evenings - something I never experienced in Madeira. I was never home alone in the evenings in Madeira.

"I dedicate this heartfelt post 

  to the ones I miss the most"

Lisandra  more than anyone else, know how I feel about so many things in life. As I feel I know you too. I miss our long conversations. I miss hearing you sing and play guitar. I just miss you...terribly.

Claudia...I know you're no longer in Madeira but I feel I should include you in this post as you were very much a part of the Warm Up gang. I loved our chats and our singing together. I'm glad you're over here now, and look forward to seeing you soon when I get down to Basingstoke. You always made me smile even when I didn't feel like smiling.

Carla...towards the end of my stay we didn't see as much of each other as I would have liked, but you did live out of the way - out in the sticks. I miss our long long nights when the booze flowed as freely as the conversation.

Rubina, I'm glad you returned from university in the Algarve before I left. I've only known you briefly, fleetingly, but I feel I got to know you in the short space of time. I miss our breakfasts on our way home from a night out.

Nadia tea-drinking buddy and chef extraordinaire. I lost weight as soon as you left Porta XXXII Restaurant. I got you addicted to black tea with milk (very English) and that despite your early objections. You were convinced tea was medicinal and coffee recreational. I miss our profound conversations. See you soon, in London, when you when you come over.

Sofia...I find it impossible to feel miserable when you're around. You are like a burst of sunshine on a cloudy day. You're always happy, even when arguing with Nadia :) And you can certainly handle your drink...apart from that night in S Vicente...out of the car window...I won't say more.
"You'll remember me when the west wind blows, upon the fields of barley"

Mimosa...I miss our coffees in Camara De Lobos and our trips to the various village fêtes. You and I would carry on talking while the others who couldn't keep up would fall asleep. You're a kind gentle and sweet person and I miss you.

Juan...keyboard player of the highest calibre and with the integrity to match.  I used to call you brother for a very good reason. You're one of the nicest, kindest guys I've ever known and I can't wait to see you when you come over on holiday.

 Magda...I never saw enough of you, but you had your reasons. Still, the time we spent together was pure joy. Now its down to Facebook chat until my return visit. I'll try to get there for August and the village fêtes you like.

Kat...I only got to know towards the end but you left an indelible impression on me. I'm glad I persuaded you to get up on stage and sing - and you did it brilliantly - and now I hear they can't get you off the stage for love nor money! You're a lovely, funny and talented person.

Alejandra...I've only known you a short while, but as I write this I am missing you terribly. Thank heaven for Facebook. I can't wait to see you when you come over. And, I never never never never never never never ever exaggerate - apart from when using the word "never"  :p

PS. the only reason I've left you until last is because we've only just stopped chatting, a few minutes ago.



  1. Lots of girls there Joe (cough) :)

    1. oh!...I hadn't really noticed the imbalance...until you mentioned it :) well, when it comes to making friends I don't discriminate (against women, anyway) No, seriously, they make the best friends, I'm convinced (somehow I don't think you're buying it)

  2. Somebody is such a ladies man! I won't point any fingers, but I will nudge nudge.

  3. Haha, anything wrong with that? :)

  4. Thank's brother!!! all the best!!! ;)

  5. Thank you Keith,It's no more than they deserve :)

  6. So Joe, is there someone special that you miss the most? *grins* Or are we playing the "each is special in their own way" game? =)

  7. Hahaha, there is Kane ;) The one I miss the most is the one I miss terribly...and I never exaggerate... ;)

  8. awww!!!!ur so sweet Joe! It was lovevly 2 meet u. I really want thank you 4 convincing me 2 go up there, u were the one that made me have more confidence in myself and restaured my love 4 singing. Hope to c u soon! love*Cat

    1. Cat! It was a pleasure :) See you soon, I can't wait to for my return visit x