Sunday, 3 February 2013

The spirit of contradiction

I'm in the mood for a light-hearted post - the kind of post that requires little or no effort to grasp.

A while back I wrote about contradictions and have decided to do an update to include a few phrases made up of contradictory terms known as oxymorons. Oh the wonders of language!

The term "spirit of contradiction" comes from way back in my childhood, when, for whatever reason I can't even begin imagine, my grandmother decided to apply it to me - even before I knew what it meant!

This one actually makes sense
Contradicting statement 1 - And yet so many decide to
worship. The mind boggles
Contradicting statement 2 - How could the "brain" behind
this gem not notice the irony?
Contradicting statement 3 - This one totally befuddled me
Contradicting statement 4 - Some would argue
that the Bible has more contradictions than any other
literary work!

And now for some oxymorons, as promised above.

Friendly Fire - Plastic Glass - Microsoft Works - Green Oranges - Inside Out - Liquid Gas - Long Shorts -    Missing Present - Never Again - Nothing Much - Once Again - Original Copy - Plastic Straw - Pretty Ugly - Real Fantasy - Relative Stranger - Retired Worker - Student Teacher - Whole Half - White Gold - Same Difference - Act Naturally -

Oh yes, just came off Facebook chat and what I enjoy most about the app (even more than the chat with friends) is using all the different smileys. Childish I know, but I do find them so amusing...erm ?!

Time for bed
Good night all


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