Sunday, 5 December 2010

from hero to zero...

...or to be precise, from good to bad in the emotional scale.

I refer specifically to when someones expectations of a friend. relative or loved one, takes a knock. It could be the result of  a hurtful comment, lack of consideration, neglect, or even just the feeling one is being deceived or lied to.

It has happened to me a few times through the years and although it's nothing new, it's still as unpleasant as the first time it happened.

The closer one is to the person concerned the more painful the knock. When it happens with a person from one's "inner circle" it can have a devastating effect similar to mourning. I guess it is a kind of mourning when one feels the loss of someone or something emotionally special.

It leaves one with a dull ache inside. An empty void that can not be filled with food, drink or any other indulgence. And a feeling that something has broken or chipped away bit by bit and may never be fully repaired.

What is this feeling called? It must have a name. Such a strong emotion must have a proper description.It can't be mere "disillusion".

How wonderfully gifted must be the countless poets and writers who can describe the strongest human emotions with a simple pen, paper and a memorised alphabet.

People like Kahlil Gibran whose masterpiece "The Prophet" is still my favourite book ever.

Kahlil, how I envy your ability to spin a
 magic web with beautifully woven words


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