Tuesday, 14 December 2010

A Christmas message. If only...

…the world had been created by some Devine being, it would have been a perfect world. If only humanity could have been created in the image of such Devine being, there wouldn’t have been wars or suffering, hunger and disease ravaging humanity.

If only…

just an illusion

There would have been no parasites, whose main purpose in life is to drain the life out of their hapless hosts.

Or deadly bacteria and viruses that destroy life indiscriminately and cause so much pain and suffering in the process.

Or predators that rip apart living creatures with unbounded savagery and lack of empathy, in order to temporarily feed their hunger.

Or humans, who use, abuse and kill others and chose to live like scavengers on the carcasses of humanity, often whilst under the misguided guise of “holy war” and tribal differences.

There would have been no need for religions that separate, marginalize and often destroy others who do not share their illusions. Organised religion is like a hospital for the sick. We all know that the healthy don’t need hospitals.

What a wonderful world it would be if there were no sicknesses or the need for hospitals!
If only…

But in reality, life is simply a process started by Nature and with the sole purpose of improving and adapting all life-forms to facilitate the survival of the driving force of all life on earth. DNA

The quicker we all begin to accept that simple truth, the quicker we will learn to rise above Nature and help it along a more humane and righteous path.

It could be done, but will it ever? I doubt it. Not while half of humanity chooses the path of following imaginary friends (gods) and live by rules created by dubious humans with ulterior motives.

Still, I can only dream and hope.



  1. that wasnt quite the xmas entry I was hoping for. he he. /M

  2. there's another one in the pipeline :) xx