Monday, 6 December 2010

this time last year...

...I was in Madeira doing my regular gigs at Moynihan's Irish Bar and enjoying almost all-year-round summer. I do miss it and can't wait to return for a well deserved break. I especially miss the beach strolls with Madeleine in Porto Santo and the swimming in Ponta Gorda.

Martin singing "Ziggy"

We had some great nights when the music didn't stop and I burned some serious calories. Just as well I replaced lost calories with pints and pints of Guinness. And when DD and Ivo turned up it was even better.

I had to put up with over-friendly hecklers...

and howling  from "rent-a-crowd" fans

Stefan and my boy Mattie were regulars. Is that
 not the most beautiful little boy ever?

I went through some tough times also, including a marriage break-up, but over all it was a great experience that I wouldn't miss for the world. I lived alone for a while, the first time in my adult life! A first for me and an invaluable lesson.

But the most cherished memory of all from Moynihan's, is the meeting and falling in love with a beautiful Swedish girl.
Min älskling, Madeleine

Kommer hem snart, Madeleine, jag saknar dig så mycket. Du är allt jag vill ha i julklapp och allt mer.


  1. aaw <3
    i miss moynihans too! actually i miss everything about madeira at the moment, except the Pingo Doce staff. haha! x

  2. Love those photos - proper holiday vibe!

  3. Linn; spot on. The till staff were miserable sods :)

    Baglady; Thanks, and it was a three-and-a-half year holiday :)