Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Mad Dog Gone

Imagine having this loony as your leader? 

As reported back in February's post  "Springtime and Gaddafi",  I expected "Mad Dog" to be gone by the summer but was wrong...by a month or so.

As of earlier today, 23/08/11, the rebel fighters of Lybia have taken Tripoli and are in full control; Gaddafi is in hiding. Good riddance to the arrogant demented parasite with the tranny hairstyle.

The tin-pot soldier boy  took over 41 years ago by force and became the pariah, or more accurately, the embarrassment of the world. How he lasted this long, only the long-suffering people of Lybia can answer.

Where will Gaddafi run to? Venezuela, with its dysfunctional ruler Hugo Chaves, has offered asylum and  Zimbabwe's senile-embarrassment Robert Mugabe are the likely alternatives that spring to mind. The world is running short of countries ruled by fucking lecherous, light-fingered, below-average intelligence, depraved  scum-bag dictators. North Korea and Iran are outside chances.

Mad Dog Gaddafi is in hiding and is threatening to continue fighting until the end. Typical.  Hitler was the last big-time loser to do the same. Vile pigs like these always want to take as many with them as possible.

Time to rejoice and wish the people of Lybia a speedy recovery.

Welcome to the world community...umm...time will tell.



  1. Oh Joe, that photo is terrible. He looks like he's melting. If he was a celebrity I’d say that he’s had plastic surgery. Has he? Can anyone confirm that because I don’t think I’d want to be the surgeon who mucks that up!

  2. Yeah Dicky, he's probably had surgery, nature is not that cruel. As for the surgeon, probably 6 feet under the desert.