Sunday, 7 August 2011

They've killed the goose!

Street rioting is back in the UK. Just like the bad old days of the Thatcher era.

Wapping Student Riots and now last night in Tottenham, you just know the Conservatives are back in power.

History repeats itself. Lessons are not heeded.  England (in fact the world) is a far better place when the Left are in power; it usually results in a kinder, more humane society (see/google UN stats on quality of life)

And how about the credit rating fiasco of late?

Why are some governments, noticeably the US, UK, Greece, Italy, Spain in trouble with overspending and over-borrowing?

Those countries have pursued capitalist policies of the far-right over the last few decades; policies where the banking sector and stock markets ruled supreme and unhindered; policies that have resulted in those governments selling off all public assets and industries for short-term gain; policies that have placed all emphasis on free-market forces; policies that have effectively allowed those short-sighted governments to 'kill the goose that laid the golden eggs'.  

Whose fucking crap idea was that?
Selling off public assets such as energy and utilities supply, rail and public transport, has effectively turned off the tap that once replenished the coffers of those countries. Those profits now line the pockets of the multi-nationals and the super-rich.  

Whose fucking crap idea was that?

All the money raised from the great sell-off of the twentieth century has long  gone and those governments now have no other income but taxes. When the economy slows down tax revenue reduces and borrowing increases. Hence the situation now faced by the US and all its 'lambs-to-slaughter' followers in the Western World.  

Whose fucking crap idea was that?

China doesn't have the same problem. Over there the government is still intrinsically socialist and the public sector is huge; the economy grows, the tax revenue grows and most importantly, when the reverse happens the public sector still brings in huge profits to prop up government borrowing. Incidentally (or not) just over 29% of the US government debt is to China. The next century belongs to China and the West better learn and learn quickly.

The Left rule with the heart, the Right rule with the head.  If only there was a political movement that did both!

Any suggestions on how we can start such movement? If yes, please leave a comment.

Most of us decent human beings need compassion, understanding and empathy to be happy with life. When the Left are in charge there is less unemployment, less crime, shorter NHS waiting lists and more social harmony.

This is not a party-political broadcast; I don't care much for politics or politicians; but I just can't help myself.  I don't like turning on the TV before getting ready for work and witnessing the savagery of street riots. History repeating itself again...and again.



  1. The right may rule with their heads in your part of the world, but not here. In fact, over the last three years, or so, they've been trying to out do each other in terms of crazy. The hatefulness and ignorance I was used to, but now they've become clinically insane.

    And dangerous.

  2. Especially the tea party brigade, no doubt :)