Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Riots in London

After 4 nights of rioting looting and pillaging, our TV screens are filled  in equal measure, with images of lawlessness and politicians giving their take on events.

Reasons such as "unemployed youth with no prospects" and "poverty" and even more ridiculous "angry marginalized youth" are being banded about as legitimate and probable reasons for recent events.  The more sensible among us knows these reasons are total nonsense.

The looting is being done by well dressed youngsters with i-phones and blackberries and wearing the latest Nike trainers.

I have seen the TV reports and witnessed these hooligans laughing and joking while planning the next raid. The truth is, these riots are opportunities for the thieves and criminals to take advantage of the over-stretched police force. 

The looting is happening because these  youngsters know they can get away with it. Simple.

They know the chances of stealing a laptop, mobile phone or plasma screen are high while the risk of getting caught is very low. And even more worryingly, they are enjoying the buzz. Lets face it, this is excitement on a grand scale!

The policing methods used on the first 3 nights were too soft, too lenient, too politically-correct and totally ineffective. By last night the police were back to doing what they do best and the streets went quiet.

It's all over for now. The spark set by the demonstration over the police shooting of Mak Duggan started the fire; opportunism and thuggery spread the flames.

I would've like to see more assertive action from the prime minister than just cutting short his holiday.

I would've liked to see the whole community stand up against the rioters, come out of their houses with brooms, baseball bats and whatever else they could use as weapons and reclaim their streets. I didn't like to see bystanders doing nothing and relying on the police to do it all.

Society needs to fight back.

Society must fight back when necessary to protect its values.

Society must not become lambs-to-slaughter

The big clean-up has started and the glaziers are the only winners.

Come to think of it, the glaziers aren't the ONLY winners. My blog also benefited from my previous entry by being top of the Google search page and bringing in an extra thousand hits!

Fame for a day! Wooohoooo!



  1. We have been watching this on the news! Unreal!

    I agree the police seemed to be trying to be too PC. PC has worn out its welcome! When things such as these riots are allowed to escalate to this degree because the police live in fear of repercussions for doing their job, there is something very wrong in the world.

    I hope, for the sake of everyone, these riots are over and that the clean up, repair and recovery can begin in earnest.

    I saw a news clip this morning that the police are using CCTV, media clips and such along with social media sites to identify as many as they can. I hope that they have success in this. Sometimes I worry about the "Big Brother" thing, and then stuff like this happens and I think the greater good is more important.

  2. So true Momma,the big brother scenario has its advantages,for the decent citizen at least. The clean up is well under way and its all gone quiet.