Thursday, 11 August 2011

Baggy and Saggy

The customer maneuvered his way into our showroom, blissfully unaware that all the salesmen were ridiculing and giggling at each and every step he attempted to take. Attempted, for the reasons I'm about to illustrate.

This picture is from Google Images  -
for reference purposes only - to illustrate
the gear worn by the customer
low-slung, sagging, baggy pants - 
call it what you like, I call it 
"just crapped in my pants" pants

He took each step tentatively, as if having to assess each muscle movement. He reminded me of a stick-insect; long lean and legs wide apart. 

My artists impression of the real 

He had to keep his knees two feet apart (see above) at all times to prevent his jeans from hitting the deck. As a result he walked with the gape of an orangutan with piles.

What's all this about? I remember thinking (wishful thinking) some years back this fad wouldn't last...but I was wrong. Its still going strong! Arghhhhhhhhhh arghhhhh

 Pull your trousers up and get a fucking job!

Can you imagine tuning up for a meeting 
dressed like this?

Why is it that this pathetic fad refuses to go away?

...I digress...

Why is it that dog hairs stick to everything but the dog?

Why is it that people say "bless you" when I sneeze germs all over them?

Why is it that when I need a policeman they're never around but when I go over the speed limit they suddenly appear?

Why is it that some parents worry when their children have an imaginary friend but then encourage them to believe in God?

Why...why ?


  1. I HATE that fad and I really cannot believe it has lasted this long! There are more than enough T.V. news clips of police chasing suspects and catching them easily because they cannot run with their pants below their asses! Totally idiotic. What ever happened to keeping your undergarments UNDER???

  2. running away from the police is probably all these guys waste energy on :)