Monday, 8 August 2011

Riots? Not in Greenford!

Riots are taking place across London. North, East and South London, to be precise. I've always said 'West Is Best' and here is proof. 

These riots have nothing to do with the original protests over the killing of Mark Duggan by police officers two weeks ago,but all to do with young unemployed thugs taking advantage of the situation.

photos; The Daily Mail

TV images of hooded hooligans smashing shop windows, looting and throwing bricks at the police have been filling our screens for the last two days.

I can't see the riots reaching Greenford. Not because the residents are more law-abiding, but simply because there is nothing in our high street worth looting! Yes, sad but true.

Greenford High Street shopping consists of a few news agents, a KFC, 2 kebab shops, 2 charity shops  and...that's about it!

The tiny High Street Shopping Centre (if you can call it that) consists of three (yes, 3) shops. A mobile phone repair shop a hairdresser an a haberdashery shop. I can't see looters going through the trouble of planning a raid in Greenford for a few reels of cotton and a couple of cheap handbags.

Or to smash-and-grab at Poundland.

Greenford is one of the few examples of 'less means more'



  1. Apart from the jewellers shop that was hit last night.

  2. yea thats true im happy to be living in greenford : D

  3. I'm worried about the westway cross retail park...

  4. I heard westway was hit but its not confirmed. Didn't know about the jewellers :s I'm also happy to live here really :)

  5. Cars are being lit up in Greenford now.

  6. I was phoned by a friend and he said that cars were being set alight near the broadway.
    People are stealing cars in the area too apparently.
    I am at work and will be heading back to the area later.
    If someone could confirm if it is true or not, that would be great.

  7. I'm being told by my girlfreind that the flats near her housein greenford are on fire. I think shes talking about the ones on marnham cresent off ferrymead ave

  8. I have been phoned from home and the Marnham crescent area has the fire brigade and police in the area.
    Choppers are out over the area too.

  9. I'm off to ferrymead ave for a look - will report shortly

  10. Guys, it was just a fire in the field. As the times on here are wacky, can you add when you post?

    David - 22:55 GMT

  11. NOTHING is happening in Greenford- Have just driven down broadway and ferrymead ave and seen absolutely nothing. In fact I saw a fox strolling around Marnham Crescent- foxes are only out when its really quiet :s

  12. My previous post was at 22:55 GMT All is quiet

  13. And thanks moderator for speedy checking of comments.