Thursday, 24 February 2011

Springtime and Gaddafi

Spring -so much  more than just a  transitional period between winter and summer!

It is the season of rebirth, renewal and regrowth. And most importantly, the season when my entire being wakes up from its enforced winter slumber and starts to look forward to longer days ahead.

Cherry Blossom in Chiswick this morning

Evenings enjoying  a drink in some pub garden; a barbecue; a stroll along the banks of the Thames; a drive through Richmond Park...

Richmond Park's deer residents - Beware! The
 annual cull is about to commence!

Ravenscourt Park showing signs of spring earlier today

The glorious Pelican with its ideal beer garden

...and onto a brighter subject.

  I have neglected this blog of late. Guilty as charged. Busy with a house move and demanding job and a case of the dreaded 'writers-block'.

While scratching my head for blog ideas, I saw the pathetic performance by Colonel Gaddafi on TV and immediately thought of my 'Turd Of The Week' awards.

The "blabbering old fool" TV performance.
Under My Umbrella...ella...ella

The Arab world is in turmoil and on the brink of self-destruction. From North Africa to the Arabian Peninsula the populations are rebelling against the tyranny and corruption of oppressive dictatorships, lack of democracy and human rights.  Nothing new then, I hear you say. Not so. This time it's for real. The mass protests are sweeping aside governments and gathering momentum day by day. The genie is definitely out of the bottle and about bloody time, I say.

'Mad Dog' Gaddafi  has unleashed armies of paid-up foreign mercenaries against his own people in a desperate bid to remain in power. He is determined to go down fighting and, unfortunately, as a leader with the bulk of the army on his side, the outcome will be bloody, that's for sure.  Hundreds of protesters have already been killed in what could become the bloodiest revolution in recent history.

awarded for the pathetic 'umbrella' performance
 and ensuing genocide

Soon, summer will arrive, and with it the wonderful aromas of ice-cream, sun lotion and cold beer. What a heavenly combination!  And hopefully by then Gaddafi (the nasty shit) will be long forgotten, buried somewhere in the desert sands of Lybia and maybe even erased from history.

So much to look forward to...I LOVE SUMMER!


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