Tuesday, 23 November 2010

top girl is back in town

Wonderful news!   The old girl is back!

Yes, T-Bone is back in the UK! Apparently none the worse for wear despite the enforced 6 month separation from her loved ones.

looking relaxed and in control the day  
before her imprisonment

As I reported back in May, I had to leave T-Bone in Madeira, Portugal, in quarantine.  Not an easy thing to do I can assure you but I had no choice.

I guess I could have tried smuggling her back here but the risk of detection would have been high, especially when trying to conceal such a vocal cat. T-Bone is a chatterbox (female) and so it wouldn't have worked.

Reminds me of the  British couple who tried to smuggle live animals into the UK after a holiday in Florida. They wanted to bring back a rattle-snake and a skunk.

Husband:   I'll tie the rattler around my waist like a belt, and you can hide the skunk in your pants!
Wife:   What about the smell?
Husband:   If it dies it dies!

Today's post is short and sweet, just like T-Bone.


  1. What an adorable kitty! Glad you have her back home! We have 2 kitties... Our kids would have had to have been left in Portugal with the cats, as they never would have survived the separation!

    Thank you too for a great morning laugh!

  2. That's awesome and also quite odd... I used to have a cat called T-bone, only a male one. He had to be put down a last week, sad times!

    But happy days for you :) Welcome back T-bone! :)

  3. Momma, nice to hear from you!Separation was hard, pets like T-Bone become part of the family and are dearly loved.

    Baxie, so sorry to hear about your T-Bone :( It's always painful to lose loved ones as we both know

  4. Aww thanks...it was a little unexpected to be honest, I knew there was something wrong...just not that bad.
    It is a little weird not having him in the house...but it is better than him suffering, I think that made it all a little but easier. x