Thursday, 18 November 2010

all I want for Christmas is you

18/11/2010   Day off work. Went to Stanstead Airport this morning with Madeleine.She has gone to Sweden for Christmas :(

It's strange not to have her by my side. We have been inseparable for two and a half years and... I don't like it. It'll be fine I know, and I'm happy for Madeleine. She hasn't spent Christmas with her family for 3 years so it's well deserved...

inseparable- see what I mean?
 That's us in Porto Santo

aw... :( 

uhmm? the royal look?!

...on the way back from the airport I went to pick Mattie up from school. We went to the River Thames at Isleworth and then on to "Greedies" for  tea and cup cakes. It cheered me up no end.

here he is, "chip off the old block"
 wouldn't you say?

Mattie gave me the great news that T Bone is coming home Monday. Poor T Bone has had to endure 6 months of quarantine in Madeira, at SPAD (RSPCA's equivalent).

that's us saying our goodbyes, six months ago...

Anyway, onto a lighter subject.

Did you know that cats are an absolute masterpiece work of art? Nature's most purrfect creation. Well... if you exclude us, that is. At least if you exclude ME!

Cats have developed a way of drinking so sophistiCATed that some scientists are spending many hours and tax-payers money trying to work out the mechanics and techniques used.uhmmm!?

While dogs and many other animals slurp their way by splattering and wasting most of their water, cats don't even get their chins wet. They slap and withdraw their tongues onto the surface of the liquid  so fast, creating lift;  they then close their mouth at the precise moment and just "bite" off the top of  liquid. Apparently it's so complicated that I can't even explain it! Remember this bit of trivia when you are next slurping your pint or vodka-red bull on a Friday night.

evolution at work

Just thought you'd like to know that...

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  1. :( eu te amo muito muito muito.. tenho saudades de ti e eu quero beijar-te sempre.. :( xoxoxo