Saturday, 6 November 2010

Surrey seems to be...

...the English county closest to my heart.

After 5 days and 1000 road miles, my brief chapter in part time employment with Wettons CS came to an end. I must say I thoroughly enjoyed driving around my favourite county in England. 

I have always loved Surrey. I have spent several years working all around  Surrey and many hours driving through its winding roads in search of lakes and rivers to fish.

With its eleven towns and countless quaint villages, Surrey is second to none when it comes to charm and beauty. It absolutely oozes with old-English style charm and wealth.

One of many "to die for" cottages, so typical of the area...

The lakes, canals and rivers of Surrey...

The quaint town centre of Farnham, one of eleven graceful Surrey towns...

eye candy by the bucketful...

Surrey is the green belt of the 'home counties'...

the beautifully serene and fairytale-like settings...

the houses and cottages are SSS Simply SSS Sublime in SSS Surrey...

Surrey, the quintessentially English County.


  1. It really is...although I think you'll find Hampshire just as good :P :P

    Nice pictures by the way :)

  2. Baxie; Hampshire is wonderful...just not as wonderful, that's all ;)

  3. Hahaha fair! But, Hampshire is most well known..I'm just saying! :P

  4. Nice view. I really wanna go there...

  5. I want to write a story about Surrey. Can you tell me the detail of surrey ?(^_^)

  6. Ummi; You should, it really is lovely

    Nia; There's so much to say about Surrey it would take forever. The internet is the best place to look, especially Wikipedia and Surrey Tourist Board. Good luck

  7. So beautiful ! We would love to live in such a glorious place ! We can only imagine !
    Wayne & Jane Broderick

  8. Hi Wayne & Jane, you should at least visit Surrey if you can

  9. What a beautifull place.Would love to live someplace like that.