Friday, 7 May 2010

"abandoned abroad, and she is a british citizen..."

It´s official!! Pets have no rights. This applies to `pet loving` UK as anywhere else. I took TBone to the vet to prepare her for the flight next week. "Not So" said the vet. TBone needs another rabies shot (though there is no rabies in Madeira), a blood test to be carried out 6 MONTHS before the flight?!? otherwise its quarantine for puss in the uk :( So TBone has to stay behind and serve her time. Now we all know TBone is a very healthy cat with no bad habits, but the powers that be have decided she needs 6 months preparation before entering her place of birth, the UK.!!! How cruel is that?? The customs officers in the UK let in all kinds of human beings everyday!! people with ghastly illnesses and bits falling off , some with illegal documents, some with drugs and weapons in their possession and that´s acceptable, but poor old TBone can´t return home when she wants. I may have to take her somewhere like Somalia, on a short holiday, and then bring her into the UK as a "refugee". With a bit of luck she may be able to sign on for benefits immediately and get a fully furnished council cat-flat thrown in for good measure...And there was me thinking pets had rights?


  1. i cant believe you still have t bone!!!

  2. Yeah, she's 8 now and a few lives left :)