Thursday, 13 May 2010

...homeward bound

The trip back to London is only hours away! The "volcano with the funny name" is still puffing away but the dust is blowing elsewhere...for now, so it´s "all systems go" with the airlines. There is, however, a dark cloud over this move, and it´s nothing to do with the volcano. It´s poor old TBone´s enforced 7 month holiday at SPAD, the equivalent here of the RSPCA. She will be treated well, I´m sure, but... Still, it can´t be helped. Not many people want the responsibility of "fostering" a cat for 7 months and then returning it to it´s owners. Leaving my mum, dad and only bro behind is very painful, but we´re only a short flight away...And to my beautiful children, Shaun Katie and Mattie, "I LOVE YOU AND CAN`T WAIT TO SEE YOU"

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