Tuesday, 11 May 2010

human rights...and wrongs

The "old chestnut" topic is back at the fore. I´m referring to "gay adoption". I am a supporter of full human rights to all, regardless of race,creed,religious or sexual orientation.If gay couples wish to be married, that´s understandable and a civil ceremony should be available to all. But, something seems wrong with this adoption topic. Are the powers that be forgetting about "children´s rights"? No one seems to mention it! Incredible! If gay couples wish to adopt, are they thinking about the child´s welfare fully? Are there children who would rather be adopted by same sex couples? I very much doubt that, but that´s only my opinion. We all know how cruel some school children can be when they find out some one else´s weaknesses and differences. Should we not embark on a fostering program first? A sort of trial run with psychological assessments after 5 or 10 years? If it all worked out to the child´s benefit, then, and only then, adoption could be considered. It´s like a race for political correctness gone wrong. Why rush? Why gamble with children´s lives? Why do so many people think they can acquire/buy anything they want? It´s a case of not "seeing the wood for the trees"...Mad world...

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  1. im sure theres loads of children who rather have gay parents who give them love & shelter - rather than starve in the middle of africas jungles or in the streets of cold russia.

    no one can say whether its right or wrong - only the children who have expirienced and grown up in a family with gay parents, only they know what it feels like. so maybe foster care is a good idea, & then when the children are grown up they can tell the world whether it was such a good idea or not.

    and isnt it just as "mean" to have parents who feed you with crap every day so you grow up to a fatso? children will be picked on no matter what, we shouldnt NOT agree with gay adoption just because the child will be bullied, cuz frankly, that child could might as well be even worse bullied under other "normal" circumstances.

    god.. im so PRO homo adoption :)

    love xxx /M