Monday, 24 May 2010

One "Mour" title...

Jose Mourinho has done it again!!! One more title!!! That brings the tally to 16 major titles in 8 years! Despite reaching the pinnacle of football coaching last week, by being nominated the "World's Best Manager", Jose Mourinho maintains the hunger necessary to go on winning and has steered Inter Milan to the Champions League Title. Inter is the first Italian club to win the treble, ie, league, fa cup and champions league. Another incredible achievement by the charismatic 47 year old Portuguese firebrand. It's amazing to see the English football media constantly reporting on Mourinho's progress despite the fact that he left our shores 2 years ago. Love him or loathe him, you have to admire this man's incredible talent and achievements. Mourinho has brought into the game many changes which are now being replicated by many other coaches, such as ; constant communication with the players during the game ; taking notes ; diverting the press attention from the players ; intense studying of opponents tactics as game preparation. Jose makes his players study DVD action of their counterparts on the field before every single game. Mourinho was once asked by a Sky reporter why he was "such a bad loser", after Chelsea were knocked out of a competition a few years ago; and the reply was "a good loser is a loser"... The Sunday Mirror reported yesterday "a day without Mourinho makes us appreciate what we are missing" . It is now a foregone conclusion that Mourinho is heading to Real Madrid, but I, like many football fans every where, can only dream and hope Jose ends up one day managing our own team, back here in the UK, where he is truly appreciated.

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