Monday, 3 May 2010

I did it my way

It was with mixed feelings, that I approached Saturday´s night gig at Moynihans. On one hand it was nice to "finish the job", on the other, sadness that it´s over. A slot I occupied for two and a half years...Lots of lovely people turned up, Madeleine, Ivo, Martin,Taegh and new chappie Joey all had a go at singing. I was surprised Linn didn´t want to sing, but she was there, and that´s what counts! Ivo managed to pass on to the bar staff, during the break, a copy of one of my songs that I recorded with Dieter, What a nice surprise to hear it the first time!! I felt emotional and relieved. Have planned with Taegh to go up to the Earl of Derby-Cambridge, every now and then, for a gig and an overnight stay. So, with that out of the way, it´s now time to start packing for London. I´m so looking forward to seeing Shaun, Katie and Mattie, and also, most definitely, London.
Love it or hate it,(I was tired of it for years), London is one hell of a place, with a huge magnetic pull on all those people, who, like me, have for many years, breathed its air, walked its paths, heard its voices, seen its parks, rode its storms and witnessed its autumns magical dawns over a still lake... Ah..., how I will relish, savour, taste and inhale its familiar aroma, and this time, appreciate it.