Monday, 30 April 2012

Update - Funchal MusicFest 2012

Last Friday night some friends and I went to the Teatro Cafe for Coolfeel Band's gig and to find out which international band will head the bill at the forthcoming Funchal MusicFest in August.

The MC/DJ, who is part of the Festival organisation team, kept everyone in suspense throughout the night as to the identity of the visiting band.  We were asked to guess as videos of different bands were showing on the flat-screens.

Shouts of "Muse" "Skunk Anansie" and "Puddle Of Mudd" reverberated around, fuelled by rumours and the videos playing on screen.. A prize was offered for the person who guessed correctly, and since around 10 people chanted the correct name, one had to be handpicked.

Puddle Of Mudd, the rock band from Kansas City, USA, will be the main act of the Funchal Music Fest 2012.

Three nights of music by some of the most popular bands in Portugal capped by Puddle Of Mudd are eagerly anticipated by all. Tickets are reasonably priced at 20 euros for the three night event, so no excuse, everyone must attend.

Everyone, including those of you in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, USA and Sweden. And you all know who I'm referring to :)

RTP TV were doing the rounds, interviewing for the telly, and I was not surprised they made a bee-line for Lisandra Macedo - she looked even more beautiful than usual.

By 5am the crowd began to disperse, some going on to the clubs, some home, while I and Nathan strolled down to the sea front for a Vespas Burger.

By the way, Claudia and Isa are learning to play the guitar, and I , as their teacher, have set them a challenge. They will both perform at Warm Up, a song each, in 5 weeks time. Naturally they don't think they'll be ready but I know differently. They are making good progress after only one week. I will post the pics of the memorable event.


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  1. Nice. I'll be there! oh. Wait. won't be there....
    It's only nine or ten hours to drive from here to Kansas City, though. Maybe I'll wave at PoD next time I pass through.