Tuesday, 3 April 2012

A brief and unforgettable encounter

I was half way through last night´s performance at The Hole In One Pub when, what appeared to be a mother and daughter, sat at the table directly in front of me. The daughter was stunningly beautiful

I was singing but instantly noticed both her elegance and that all eyes were on her.

She wore a pink, figure-hugging dress that showed off her recently-acquired tan and the kind of stunning, perfect figure, one rarely sees.

Camilla, as I later found out, hails from Norway, is blonde and blue-eyed, extremely beautiful and loves Irish music.

I noticed her singing along to Saw Doctor's "I have fallen for another"  and immediately knew I had to get to know her and  find out the source of her knowledge of Gaelic songs.

Every time I looked at her, which was constantly, she was looking at me -obviously because I was performing- but it completely knocked me off my stride, making me forget the lyrics of songs I've sang a million times.

Camilla then asked the waiter for pen and paper, looked at me and jotted down something. The first thought that entered my mind was that it would be her phone number. Well, it happens quite a lot in my line of work. As the song ended, Camilla handed me the note and my heart fluttered in anticipation. It was a request for several Irish songs, one of which I knew the lyrics. I proceeded to sing "The Fields Of Athenrye" and couldn't wait to end the set and talk to her.

I sat at their table and we chatted. Camilla's knowledge of Irish music is due to her mother always having been a fan.

At around 12:00, some thirty minutes after I stopped playing, the three of us walked to the Warm Up Cafe for a continuation of our chat and a few more drinks.

An hour later, Camilla's mum decided she wanted to go back to the hotel to be ready and fresh for the 9 am trip to the airport and to my delight, Camilla decided to stay with me a little longer. I promised her mum I'd make sure Camilla got back to the hotel safe and sound. We continued chatting and drinking.

Camilla told me all about her travels, her charity work in Ghana and even her past crushes and relationships. And also that she was single.

At 6 am, the bar staff called time and we decided to walk back the 15 minute trip to the hotel. Camilla was still beaming, fresh as a daisy, despite the numerous cocktails.

As we walked back through the quiet streets of Funchal, arm-in-arm for support, I thought of the strangeness of having only just met someone but conversing like old friends.

Outside the hotel, Camilla suggested we sat at a bench and chatted some more.  The birds were singing their dawn cacophony, the temperature was warm and I was...in heaven. Camilla held my hand and didn't release it  until it was time to go.

With only a couple of hours until her trip to the airport, it was time to call it a night. We hugged for absolute ages, said our goodbyes and she walked into the hotel and out of my life.

It´s now down to FaceBook contact until her return. She has promised to visit again within months. I sincerely hope so.

Next Monday's gig at the "Hole in One" won't be the same without her - of that, I am most certain.

So long, sweet and kind and beautiful Camilla. It has been a great pleasure knowing you. I just wish I could get to know you better.

Klemmer og kysser Camilla - Jeg savner deg



  1. It sounds like you had a great and unforgettable evening.. I'm so envious!

  2. Wow - way to go Joe. What a great turn around.

    1. Hi Dicky, thanks - I could do with more of that

  3. Hi Tempo,encounters such a this one is what makes life worth living - for me, that is.