Sunday, 22 April 2012

Chill at Warm Up

The Warm Up Cafe continues to be the place for socialising and producing music in Funchal. A regular crowd of around 30 people have become my dearest friends. Different music is played every night and all of life's topics are discussed over  a drink or two...or more. 

We're all wearing Johnny Walker promotional glasses - the
things we'll do for a free shot
Lisandra and I rehearsing for our future gigs

The crowd is made up mostly of musicians, with a smattering of TV and radio people. If you ever visit Funchal pop in and see us!



  1. JOE! You should post some clips! :) I would love to to hear the music too!

    1. Hi Momma, I will as soon as possible :)

  2. Whats with the glasses?? And yes if I ever visit Funchal, I will most definitely be paying you a visit.

  3. Dicky, they're promotional freebies from Johnny Walker - useless things without lenses. If you decide to visit pls let me know and I'll find you accommodation :)