Saturday, 5 May 2012


I am often asked why I prefer the company of young people to those of my age, and have decided now is the time to explain.

But first, let me speak of time.

Time is my only true enemy - a formidable foe who will eventually account for my demise.

Time can be a rose beautifying a garden or the lines in my face stealing my youth.  But in the end, time is a bomb, ticking slowly towards my final act.

As we age we collect countless memories, but unlike the stamp collector who selects his stamps, time forcibly etches happy and sad memories into our minds. Sorrowful memories remain sad even with the passing of time and happy ones can never be recreated. Remembering happy memories brings its own sadness, longing and sense of loss. How strange that time should turn both sad and happy memories into a source of pain.

So why do I seek love and friendship among the young or, more precisely, the young at heart?

It is because the young possess boundless enthusiasm for life and copious amounts of energy. Time has yet to dampen their spirits and douse their flames with cynicism and mid-life crisis.

An excerpt from a song I wrote:

"...Once I was young
in love and immortal
Now, not so young
but still in love 
with the young
who are young and immortal..."

When the time comes and I cease to seek youthfulness, I will sail into the vast sea that surrounds me, on a final one-way journey to Nature's recycling plant and Creator of all life - the Ocean.

Until such time, I shall continue to sail the seas, harvest its bounty and enjoy its refreshing and cleansing touch upon my lined skin.

And, importantly, I shall continue to seek youth - the only antidote against the ravages of time.



  1. Yep, time sux and I myself like to push myself as much as I can, i dont allow myself to grow old without a fight. I do think there is a fine line there somewhere, I have a 66 year old friend who still thinks he's 30. He continually hits on young women and you can see it creeps them out, it used to make me cringe but now i just keep walking. "Who him? No I dont know him..."

    1. Haha Tempo, that would freak me out to! I'm discreet and much younger than 66 :)

  2. A good thought Joe, and very correct. I'm just slightly jealous of the young.

    1. Jealous of the young? You're no old man Dicky ;)

  3. I feel ya. More than you know.

  4. I understand exactly what you mean Joe. Or at least, I think I do. Very few of us remain young at heart; no matter the pain we have had.

    There is nothing like the energy of youth with its unbounded enthusiasm for life. But everyone gets older, though I'd like to think we can remain young, where it matters most.

    Sometimes I feel if we had met, we would have been friends. =)


    1. So true Kane - I do consider you a friend. I feel I know you as much as I do some ´real´friends. They don´t blog, you do :)Thanks for the comment