Thursday, 24 May 2012

End of day dialogue

Friends, lights, music
In abundance
Free from stress and the burden of responsibility
- really free?
- freedom and solitude are two sides of the same coin
No! I have friends, I socialise
- and when the party's over?
We go our separate ways
- feel free then?
Come and go as I please
- answer the question
- Ah! Solitude and loneliness - different notes struck from the same chord 
- Found yourself yet?
Never lost me in the first place
- answer the question
Once, while gazing out at the receding tide that exposed the emptiness beneath the waves, my own emptiness surfaced from the depths
- answer the question
I found out..I feel somewhat empty - incomplete
- so not completely free
No, incompletely free
-remember that next time you promote your freedom irresponsibly
Yes, I will.
Freedom and solitude - different strings of the same instrument



  1. Lovely piece of work Joe - like this line: Freedom and solitude - different strings of the same instrument. Yes, so very true.