Friday, 2 December 2011

Update from Paradise - part 8

I have three subjects to post about and need your help in the third one. Advice needed, please.

Thank you in advance.

1 ) The wrong time to do the right thing!

I have two business projects to start up but am finding it difficult to concentrate and get motivated. I guess I´m living turbulent times and the need to have fun is greater than the need to work. But fun doesn´t pay the bills, unless you're in the sex industry, I hear.

2 ) The right time to do the wrong thing!

I am living day to day and slowly adjusting to single life.

Single life has it´s benefits (none healthy) as far as enjoying the freedom to come and go as one pleases and having no one to answer to. It is wonderful to stay out late every night drinking socializing and playing music and I intend to carry on, for now at least. But... I miss certain things only cohabitation brings :(

I am seeing the other side of life but am not too impressed, if the truth be told.

Things can only get better on that front. Changing my status from single to whatever is the only thing I'm currently "working" on.

3 ) The girl I want wants a girl!

I´m so keen on a girl I´ve met recently and have socialized with over the last few nights that I decided to send her a 'friend request' of FB sooner than I normally would. It was immediatly accepted and I had a quick look at her info and... there it was.

Interested in women!

Damn it! I don´t half pick them! I must subconsciously go for the most difficult and/or awkward when it comes to women. But she is sooooo beautiful and talented. I wonder if she can be encouraged to change? I don´t quite know how that works.

I have heard that sexual preferences aren´t necessarily permanently fixed in some I can live and hope.

I obviously need your expert expert help here. I would appreciate some guidance on this front as I can only live in hope for a very short space of time.

Are sexual preferences fixed or not?

Meanwhile...I'll let you know what happens over the next few days



  1. I would test the water anyway Joe, you never know. And if she's not interested, it's always good to have another friend.

  2. Don't take anything on FB at face value. Lots of people put "whatever" information just to be goofy, controversial, make people ask etc... Until you have expressed an interest to this lovely, you will never know for sure if she is interested or not.
    That said, It seems to me that MOST people are either gay or not. Then again, there are many that enjoy the benefits of both teams. You never know... You may get every man's dream if she swings both ways!!

  3. I know a few lesbians, all very nice girls who just prefer women over men.. most of them are just not interested in men, period! ..unless shes bisexual in which case...
    The other thing here is that many women put that they're in a relationship or gay to keep men from constantly hitting on them.
    Like Dicky said, you have nothing to lose and you just dont know her well enough yet.

  4. Dicky: Test the water I shall, as you say, nothing to lose. Thanks

    Momma: Haha, swinging both ways could cause more problems than I´d like...uhm... but an interesting thought! Thanks

    Tempo: Your´re right, I just need to get to know her better without having preconceived ideas. Thanks