Thursday, 15 December 2011

An overdue epilogue

In the previous post I mentioned it would be the last entry about Madeleine, but I have since changed my mind.

This story is important enough to warrant a proper epilogue; a swan song if you like, so here it is.


I allowed my resentment to rule my head and as a result reported this matter in a far too personal manner.

I will now  redress the balance.

Despite all that has happened, Madeleine was a very special person in my life and always will be remembered as such.

I loved her deeply, and mentioned it many times in this blog.

I was besotted by her beauty and smitten with her smile.

I liked her attitude to many important things in life. We were compatible on many levels and had lots in common.

We had a meaningful and loving relationship and shared many wonderful moments together.

I was heartbroken with the way we parted- but I helped bring about our demise.

Madeleine lit up my life in many different ways. For that I am eternally grateful.

I share the blame for our break-up. For that I am eternally sorry.

Madeleine was and still is, a very good person. I wouldn't change the last four years for anything. I just wish we had made each other happier.


Now I can and will move on to other subjects... other stories... other settings... other people.



  1. Joe, that's a fine thing to do - and a nice way to put a positive reflection on a period of your life and a person who clearly meant a lot to you. I hope you move on to happy things and find the best of loves.

  2. I totally agree with Sharons comment. That's a big thing to say Joe. Look to the future with someone new.

  3. Good on you for taking the high road there Joe. No matter how badly a relationship ends there would have been good times and it's a sad thing that many people allow their break up to cloud over the good things they shared. Remember the good things fondly and look forward to better days..

  4. Thank you Sharon, Dicky and Tempo for your kind words