Tuesday, 13 December 2011

So long, Ikea girl...

...it was not nice knowing you.

Last Saturday night, at around 11:45, I was at the FX Cafe with friends for the CoolFeel Band gig, when she waltzed in.

The FX Cafe is a snazzy bar in Funchal with a large outdoor area where live music is played at weekends until the early hours. See pic below.

FX Cafe - On the right is the stage area and the esplanade stretches left of the picture another 20 mts or so

I say waltzed because of the fact she looked well on the way to being drunk. She arrived with a large group of work colleagues and new BF, after attending her work´s Christmas do. I learned that later from a few of her colleagues who came over to greet me.

Her group sat at the end away from the stage and about 25 mts behind me. Curiosity forced me to turn around every-so-often and sneak a look.  I saw her go from a state of being merry to well-oiled within the hour or so and then noticed that look on her face. That very look and expression I dreaded when with her in similar situations. Induced by alcohol, it is a look of  'I don't give a fuck about anything or anyone'. 

I felt a pang of empathy for her new BF and relieved at no longer being in his shoes. After all, he'll have a lot to put up with until he, like all others before him, move on.

At last, light at the end of the tunnel

But I also felt anger at her lack of sensitivity for smooching  with the new  BF in my presence. I consider that a cheap thing to do. Something I would not be able to do. But then again, unlike her, I happen to care for others.

And it dawned on me just how fortunate I was to be free. Free from the frosty clutches of the Ice Maiden.

This post is the final report on this chapter of my life. The last post about her. I will now return to writing about more interesting things. Much more interesting and worthy of my attentions.



  1. Good luck to you Joe.

  2. Nicely put. I happen to know how liberating it can be to simply turn the page.

  3. I am inclined to say rude and foul words on your behalf... HUG!

  4. Dicky: Thank you

    Nessa: I guess most of us have been through similar situations - Thanks

    Momma: Thank you, hug to you too

  5. It's a good point in your life when you can look at your ex and think of the bad things they did and are grateful for not being there still. Clearly she was taunting you with the new BF and thats just mean spirited and a cheap shot.

  6. Thanks Tempo for your support :)