Saturday, 3 November 2012

An unexpected precious gift

...where are you playing tonight?

That was the message received from Claudia on FB yesterday morning. I replied and asked why the question. She said someone wanted to go and see me play.

I didn't think anymore of it. I assumed a mutual friend had asked Claudia the same question. 

Claudia, as I have reported previously, has moved to the UK on a job assignment, and I miss her terribly. She is my most precious friend.   I could easily talk to Claudia forever and never get bored. She has been away two months.

But I'll start with yesterday's gig at Moynihan's. 

Four of my friends were sitting in front of the stage, requesting the odd song or two when my contact lenses decided to shrivel up, dry up with the air conditioning. I had a short break and took a bottle of mineral water to the toilet to rinse the lenses that were making me feel as if I were looking through opaque plastic bags . 

As I returned, rubbing and squinting my eyes I noticed someone standing in the middle of the floor who looked very familiar. At first I thought my lenses were still playing tricks with me, but then I heard her voice and saw her beautiful smile. It was Claudia!

Claudia decided to return for the weekend without telling a soul!

Well, I didn't quite know whether to laugh or cry with joy. 

After our extended greeting was over I decided to play a few more songs and asked Claudia to sing a song we used to sing together. When I need you by Leo Sayer. Great for harmonies.

 There she stood, next to me, sharing the microphone and singing a song that now meant much more to us than before. See the extract below and how relevant the words are. I lost my way with the lyrics a couple of times, no doubt due to shock and Claudia looked about to burst into tears.

...miles and miles of empty space is between us 
the telephone can't take the place of your smile
but you know I won't be travelling for ever...
when I need you, I just close my eyes and I'm with you...

What a beautiful surprise. What a wonderful gift to receive unexpectedly!

After the gig we all went down to FX Club where the band were playing and most of our mutual friends were.  

At some stage Claudia opened her purse and gave me a coin as a keep sake. An English pound coin. 

It is now in my wallet, where I will see it every day, as a constant reminder of someone so very special to me.

Claudia, as I mentioned in a previous post,  you always make me feel good and I love you dearly.



  1. How nice. Of course, she could have given you a £2 coin . . .

    1. Haha, trust you to think of monetary, not sentimental values. A tenner would have been handy, I guess :)

  2. That's a lovely tale Joe. As I read I was smiling.

    1. Thanks Dicky, it certainly made me smile :)

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. There are very few people I'd be so happy to see. You are very lucky.

  4. Thanks Joe for those moments! And yes, I was almost burst into tears... Not easy to sing like that you know?

    1. Claudiaaaaaa! a million hugs, see you soon :)