Thursday, 25 October 2012

One man's loss is another man's gain

A couple of nights ago I met Cecilie - a Norwegian girl here on holiday - at the No 2 Pub. We got on from the start and have arranged further dates.

 I'm usually quite reserved when it comes to chatting up girls - I'm not the imposing kind of guy - but on this occasion, what led me to start up a conversation with her was that some jerk was imposing on her.

I sat at the bar ten feet away from Cecilie and noticed she was totally preoccupied with her mobile phone, occasionally looking at and sipping her drink. A guy walked in, made a bee-line to Cecilie and stood behind her. He then ordered and got his beer and stayed where he was, leering at Cecilie, eyeing her up in a most blatant way. The bar was almost empty but the fuck-wit decided to impose on the lone girl by standing a foot behind her, breathing down her neck. That set me off and after a couple of minutes I signalled Cecilie and asked her if she would like to join me at my end of the bar, as there was clearly more space. She smiled and asked why don't I join her instead. I agreed, picked up my drink and sat next to her. On my way over I gave the guy the worst possible look I could muster: a look of pure disdain. As I sat down next to Cecilie the ´slimeball´ moved away to the other end of the bar, with what could have been his tail between his legs.

Cecilie and I started chatting and I explained that I felt uncomfortable with the way the inconsiderate bastard   was behaving and  so decided to intervene. I wondered if she thought that was my usual chat up technique. I hope not, as I had no ulterior motive - other than wanting to talk to an atractive woman with long silky blonde hair.

Nothing, absolutely nothing irritates me more than seeing a man imposing on a woman in a predatory way.

I fucking hate it.

If I were a woman, I'd give those testosterone-fueled leeches such a hard time they'd think twice before encroaching into another woman's space.

But I guess, had  it not been for the improper actions of an idiot, I may never have approached Cecilie.

Dear blog friends, I'd like your views on this matter. Please leave a comment.




  1. Right with you Joe. Never been much of a "lad" myself and was always terrible at chatting a girl up.

  2. Guys like that are utter idiots and you did right by offering her a way out of the discomfort he was surely provoking. You did just the right thing. If she didn't want to chat with you, she would have found a way to make that clear to you. I doubt it was perceived as a pick-up. You are a class act Joe! :)

    1. Thank you M, for your lovely comment. Hugs to you

  3. I feel embarrassed when this sort of thing happens, it reflects on all of us men when some ass acts like this. Whatever happened to men behaving like gentlemen...

  4. I must admit that I'm a terrible flirt. (an admittedly unrealistic biological imperative). I work just down the street from the local college, so many of my customers and coworkers are fairly young. It takes a certain amount of finesse, as there is a thin line between "charming older gentleman", and "creepy old guy"...and getting thinner every year. I did get quite the ego boost a couple of weeks ago. A young lady I've been working with for a while was finishing up her studies here, and getting ready to do some post graduate work in another state (she's a very talented writer). We were saying our goodbyes, and I was telling her how proud I was of her. I could tell that she was getting kinda weepy, and I tend to panic when women cry. So I said, "You know, if I was 30 years younger, I'd be chasing you around the parking lot." She gave me this beautiful smile, and replied, "If I were 30 years older, you might just catch me." It almost made me weepy.

    It's a pity. I've finally got game, and I've forgotten what I'm supposed to do with it.

  5. Hahaha, forgotten? I thought it was like riding a bike - excuse the pun- something one never forgets!