Monday, 15 October 2012

Friends...who just happen to be female

I've never had so many female friends as I do now.  I do mean friends, in every sense of the word, not mere acquaintances.

Friends, as in people I spend hours socialising with and who make me feel good, alive and happy.

This post is dedicated to all those wonderful women, whom I adore.

Carla  The more I know you the more I like you. Fact. I can't wait to see you again. But no more tequila shots! I mean it.

Carla, oh the shots we consume!

Lisandra   It is no secret I have always admired you. I love your musical talent, your unique style, your grace and beauty and your kind heart. I could never tire of seeing or speaking with you.

Lisandra and I with the Johnnie Walker glasses

Nadia   Probably the friend I spend more time with. Our endless conversations always leave me wanting more.

Sofia  Your charm,femininity and wit makes me glow inside. I simply love being with you. A true Madeiran beauty, in every sense of the word.

Mimosa  The sweetest girl I know. I love the way you unburden your troubles onto me. Anytime, Mimosa, that's what friends are for.

Nadia, Sofia and Mimosa - absolutely wonderful people

Magda  The ever so elusive Magda. Mysterious, interesting and so alluring. When I feel down all I have to do to cheer up is remember the night in Rosario.


Joana  Arty, chic and interesting. And a great photographer!

Joana doing what she does best

Claudia  You are a constant source of positive thinking and by far the most potent anti-depressant I've ever known. Your ability to make me feel good is truly remarkable. Pity you've moved to the UK. It's down to FB chat for now.

Claudia, I miss you :(

Sonia  Life and soul of any party. Shy and demure to begin with but as the night wears on turns into the most energetic dancer around.

Sonia in one of her quiet moments

Monica  I'm always available for a chat. You make perfect sense to me, if not always to others. It's their problem, not yours. You're perfect as you are and I hope you never change.

Aline  You're funny, sweet, a beer drinker and a great pool player. What more can a man possibly want in a female friend?

Aline and Monica - two great pool players

Oh the irony of it all! So many esteemed and beautiful female friends and yet...I still wake up alone!

Well, most of the time...



  1. I really like having female friends as well, I much prefer the company of women to that of men. (not a sexual thing, women are just nicer)

    1. I'm in total agreement with you Tempo :)

  2. Miss you too my friend...
    Miss our chats
    Miss you singing
    Miss our singing
    Miss our darts (I'll never play this game again)
    Miss our drinking
    Miss you saying: "Claudia I want to but buy a drink before you go"
    and you might think that I don't know (because you never told me!!...) but I know that you didn't want me to leave...
    a big big big hug for you!!!

    1. hahahaha, Claudia. I didn't know you knew I didn't want you to go!?!? Thank you for your sweet comment. I miss you x