Monday, 26 November 2012

Absent without leave

I have been off blogger for 11 days - the longest ever absence. I´ve been trawling the recesses of my mind for ideas to post but to no avail. I'm presently in a pensive, not creative  mood.

I'm no longer involved in my brothers restaurant, and now have too much idle time in my hands. I´ve been reading voraciously (2 to 3 paperbacks per week)  and doing little else.

I continue to gig and socialise, with some poker playing sessions in between. I've even taught myself  how to do a one-handed trick of flipping one chip over two others... yes, I know what you´re all thinking.

Last week I got to know some visitors from the UK who were here on holiday and attended one of my gigs - Rob, Jan, Tim, Sheena and Mike and we had a few fun-packed and extremely late nights of music drink and chat.

Mike is a semi-retired microbiologist from Glasgow and a music lover. His IPhone has more music downloads than a local radio station. From religion to evolution, we had a few very good and eye-opening  chats. I told him if I had my life over again, microbiology would be my chosen career. He replied if he had his life over again he'd choose my lifestyle! Apparently his choice of profession kept him way too busy to enjoy life.

Valid  point. It seems so many people are caught up with so much work they have no time to enjoy the present. And then, as the accumulating years remind them of their fast approaching ending, they begin to wish they'd had more time for fun, for love and life in general.

But living for the moment as I do, does not in itself guarantee happiness.  That would be too much to expect.

I'll be back with something more substantial in due course.



  1. Good to hear from you Joe. I need to do some of that "living for the moment."