Sunday, 17 July 2011

No 'nose' is good 'nose'

I read today that British actress Daniella Westbrook has found God in the USA. So that's where He lives?

Former Eastenders star and coke addict Daniella, now residing in LA, has joined an evangelical church run by ex drug-addict and pro skateboarder Jay Haizlip.
Daniella before undergoing surgery to repair 
her coke-damaged nose

Ms Westbrook tweeted the following message to Mr Haizlip.  "Pastor Jay, thank you for leading me to the Lord. I am forever thankful. Your preaching and church has changed my life."

How sweet Daniella, but I beg to differ. Quitting coke saved your life.

I've always said religion is a hospital for the sick, and Ms Westbrook is definitely a patient.


I am growing more and more concerned with the politicians reactions over the controversy surrounding the News of the World phone-hacking scandal. 

We all know it is wrong and immoral for some renegade journalist to hack into voice-mail accounts in search of stories, but lets ask ourselves a fundamental question. 

If the hacking had been done to uncover political scandal or terrorist threats, would we consider it wrong? If not, why not? How can it be right in some circumstances and not in others?

Its not like News International's actions have killed anyone.  In fact the so-called victims in this case didn't even know their phones were tapped!

The lynch mob should retreat and drop the story or we run the risk of encouraging  politicians to gain control of  the press - what a dreadful thought.

Oh yes, and it was the free press that exposed the story anyway, so lets keep the press free, for all our sakes.



  1. As always your hammer has swung true and hit its targets!

  2. if your stupid enough to do coke you're obviously stupid enough do believe in god.

  3. Madeleine; harsh words but at times the truth has to be told x

    Tito; thank you, I guess you agree with my view on the press.