Tuesday, 12 July 2011

If the world stops to pray, we'll all be late for work

This photo taken of a bus driver yesterday, has to be seen to be believed.

E7 Bus - Ealing Broadway 11/7/11 at 20:00
the driver on his prayer mat while customer wait.

Does London Transport know this particular employee prays during working hours? And, if as I suspect they do, why did they employ him?

Madeleine and a small crowd had to wait  while this backward and superstitious waste-of-time driver, decided to pray to his imaginary god.

 If he wants to pray  then he should do so in his own time.  Just like if he wants to piss against the wind or swim against the tide, or even watch grass grow, then he should do it in his own time.  And I bet he does that 5 times a day!

Don't these people ever question why the billions of prayers around the world everyday go unnoticed and unnanswered? That despite all their praying most of their countries are in a mess, socially and economically?  The praying masses don't ask questions of themselves or others, they prefer to put it all down to god. How lazy and uninspiring is that? Praying means hoping, and hoping gets nothing done. Just take a look at societies that spend most of their time praying!

Can you imagine what would happen if in The Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Sudan or any other Muslim state, a Christian or Jewish bus driver did the same thing?

No, of course not, it would never happen. And if it did it would probably lead to imprisonment or even a public flogging.  I know it is futile comparing our society to theirs - worlds apart- and maybe the compulsion to pray instead of work is the defining  factor.

What possible good can come of prayer? Does it serve a social purpose? No. Does it bring races and cultures together? No, it divides them. Does it feed the poor and cure the sick? If only... Does it produce wealth? Of course not.

As I have said many times before in this blog, religion  (and all other superstitions)  holds back progress and causes  wars, intolerance, poverty and, yes, even delayed bus services.  The more religious a society the more backward the country. Fact.

If in doubt google the UN stats online.

I challenge his employers to do something about it. I doubt they will.

Maybe we'll have to put up with the E7 service being as efficient as  some inner-city bus route  in Mogadishu, Dhaka...San'a...

Rant over


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