Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Can sexism ever be funny?

As you are all by now fully aware, my blog is known for being anti-discrimination, anti-religion, anti-prejudice, anti-sexism, anti-ageism, and anti a host of other injustices. It is therefore hypocritical of  me to laugh and enjoy reading a sexist entry by columnist Derek McGovern in today's Daily Mirror. Even more hypocritical for me to want to share it with you, but hey... hope you enjoy it.


" The next Metropolitan Police chief could be a woman according to Hills  who make Sara Thornton their 2-1 favourite to replace Sir Paul Stephenson.
The former chief, caught up in the phone-hacking scandal, yesterday fell on his truncheon, though other cops who witnessed the event say he walked into a door.

Sara Thornton

Twice-divorced Thornton is believed to want stiffer penalties for men who commit violent acts, for men who abuse women, and particularly for men who leave the toilet seat up.

Thornton, who will advocate a size-zero tolerance policy, knows what it feels like to be a victim of crime. I hear she once got mugged and her drivers license was taken. She was gutted because it had a really good picture of her on it.

Earlier this year, a newspaper reported that the 48-year old had been in a relationship with a married colleague. She was furious and demanded to know who had revealed her age.

She has long been tipped to one day head Scotland Yard, which would be good news for her except it was me doing the tipping.

The selection committee will be looking for someone to rule Scotland Yard with an iron fist - Thornton said she could rule it with an iron..."

... made me laugh