Friday, 29 July 2011

Anders Breivik v Rick Perry

What have Anders Breivik and Rick Perry (State Governor of Texas) got in common?

They are both mass-murderers.

Fellow blogger Louis from Arizona has posted an entry about it, and its got to me, big time. Check out "On The Tracks".

 It has made me re-read a couple of my older posts about the subject. 'Another murder goes unpunished'  of 26 sept 2010 and 'when justice is tainted by revenge...' 20 sept 2010

Capital Punishment is evil and barbaric, it is legalised murder, it is State-endorsed assassination, it is inhumane, and most importantly it IS NOT a deterrent (check stats online)

Two wrongs will never make a right...

...but three lefts make a right?!

Thanks Louis for bringing up the old chestnut again



  1. Thanks, Joe. It's gratifying to know that someone actually reads what I write. Most of the time it's a way to vent, and, admittedly, a fun way to annoy my conservative relatives. But given recent events, both here and abroad, I think it's becoming more important to speak out; to let those who feel that the fortunate have a divine right to prey on the unfortunate know that they won't proceed without opposition. I'm quite impressed with what you've written, and I admit it's a bit of a relief to know I'm not quite as alone in my beliefs as I had thought. So please, comment all you wish. (Blogger in draft ate my last post, so I have to re-write it). Again, thanks!

  2. Louis,thank you - Haha, reminds me how some of my relatives react to my anti-religious rhetoric. I've read all your entries and agree with all you say. Great writing. Thanks