Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Prodigal has returned...again

The grey thick low clouds blanketed the approach to Gatwick Airport as the Thompson's  Boeing 737-800 plunged blindly through the turbulence, bobbing about like a cork float in rough seas. Eventually, after what seemed like hours instead of minutes, the undercarriage thumped the wet asphalt and the sighs of relief from the passengers almost drowned out the roar of the engines in reverse thrust.

Back in the UK!

And back to the drizzle and grey skies that abound most of the year in this wonderful, familiar and welcoming nation.
Unmistakable silhouette, even through a rain-splattered glass pane

And yes, it feels oh so good to be back.

IT is no secret I consider the UK as home. I've lived here most of my life. England is a vibrant, exciting and busy place and has everything anyone could ever need. And London is to me the centre of the known universe.

I love Madeira too; the friendly people, the laid-back way of life ,the stunning scenery, the low crime rate and the weather, and I feel sad at leaving all my friends behind. But I'll return, some day...

Another move, another challenge, another adventure to take on. Will I ever tire of wandering?

I very much doubt it



  1. Welcome back Joe. I hope the traveler finds what he's looking for :)

  2. If he doesn't he'll just have to keep on searching :)

  3. Welcome home, Joe, and best of luck to you in this leg of the journey....

  4. It sounds nice to have a place to call home. I hope you find happiness there, or at least comfort.

    1. Thanks Nessa, if I don't it won't be for lack of trying :)