Thursday, 3 January 2013

New Year - new hope

The festive season is over and most people are feeling the physical consequences of over-indulgence and late nights. None more so than me.

Some - the braver - are struggling to keep their resolution pledges going, while others - the not so brave - are making excuses to justify their failure.

I consider myself lucky in as much as I never bothered to make New Year resolutions. But then, why should I have?  I'm almost perfect... there's nothing to give up :)

The fireworks display was as good as ever and better than most - if not all
After witnessing one of the best fireworks displays in the world I drove to Moynihans to start my New Years gig and was delighted that the whole bunch of family and friends joined me for a night of booze and song. I started playing around 01:30 and stopped around 06:00 am. I had a few breaks and lots of my relatives joined me on stage, but it was still both exhausting and exhilarating in equal measure. Brilliant night.

My nephew Dieter singing "Moments" - my favourite song of his.
Beautiful melody from a beautiful person

A magical night that could only have been bettered if Shaun and Mattie were there.


I'm just back from the airport - Katie and Scott have returned to the UK after a weeks visit - and I miss her already :(  It was wonderful having her here for the week. The apartment seems so empty again.

My daughter Katie, cousin Mike and I

Happy New Year to all



  1. Hi Joe, that looks like a serious fireworks display. Tired of all the hypocrisy I made a resolution over 20 years ago that I would never make another New Years far I've managed to keep it..

    1. Haha, a resolution not to make resolutions :)

  2. Happy New Year Joe. I wish you great things in 2013. Sounds like you had the party I wanted to go to. Very quiet NY eve for me.