Saturday, 19 January 2013

Passion - Lust...and everything in between

Part 1

You are attached. I know.

In a not-too-stable relationship, but attached nonetheless.

It's ironic how I always end up falling for the unavailable.

There may be some unexplained psychological force at work here. Maybe I'm reluctant, scared even to fall in love and therefore choose to chase the impossible dreams.

But then it all changed two nights ago when we were visiting friends.

You kept brushing against me and stroking my hand at every opportunity. You hugged me, discreetly, and in the few moments we were alone - out of sight of the others - you pressed your body against mine and kissed me gently.

To say I was surprised is a gross understatement. I was blown away.

I thought my heart would explode such was the power and speed of my heartbeats.

And then you kept looking at me, smiling with your lips slightly parted. I have never seen such blatant and overt display of desire. Flirting taken to new, unknown levels.

The furtive glances. The stolen kisses that followed whenever the situation allowed, created passion and excitement that threatened to expose our intentions to all those present.

I wonder if anyone noticed?

I haven´t been able to sleep thinking about and planning our next encounter. Rehearsing over and over in my mind as to what I will do and how I'll feel when we finally manage to be alone.

Forgive the old cliché, but I don't remember ever feeling this way before about anyone. This is new, uncharted territory I've yet to cross. I only need look at you to become completely and utterly...erm..!?

But, of course, it's no surprise I feel this way about you.  You are stunningly beautiful, young and smoulderingly sexy. Three reasons why I, until now, placed you so out of my reach.

Or so I thought...

Part 2 to follow



  1. What's this all about? I need to know!

  2. Haaha, I will publish Part 2 in due course,Dicky. You know I'm an open book - no secrets, my blog tells it how it is :)