Friday, 3 February 2012

My digits are my daily bread!

As you know I've been building a garden wall and am almost done. The wall is built, now comes the smooth coating and then the paint.

Not bad I hear you say. I'm now building a barbecue. More blocks and cement.

I am paying a heavy price for my endeavours though. Last week I managed to hit my left thumb with a hammer - big bruise- luckily didn't affect my guitar playing as it is the thumb that rests behind the neck of the guitar. I was very happy with that - of all my fingers and thumbs the least important one got whacked. But two days ago the situation changed for the worse when, again with the dreaded hammer, I managed to smash my left index finger.

Now that is some serious shit. That is an important finger and I'm supposed to be playing tonight. I can't even bend the thing. It's stiff, swollen and sore as hell. What am I to do? I don't get sick pay. No play no dough.

I do a one man acoustic show - no backing tracks - and I doubt it very much if said finger is going to surprise me and heal by tonight. I'm taking loads of Ibuprofen and keeping my good fingers crossed.

I've decided to change plans for future building projects. I shall number each finger with a yellow felt-tip, in order of importance. It will be the order of damage with number one being the least important, number ten the most and so on. I think it's a good idea! It will be a constant reminder.

As you can see it started well with number one being the first victim but then it all went wrong - straight to number ten. How unlucky is that? If it weren't for bad luck I'd have no luck at all!

Now I understand what it must be like for a prostitute with a sore muff!

PS. By the way, number three finger suffered only a scrape, in case you're wondering.



  1. Mother Farkle. That looks painful! I hope you're feeling good enough for your show.

  2. I was building a wall once and did the same to my thumb (nail fell off). How can you play guitar with you nail damaged?! Nice post Joe...and nice wall too.

  3. WOW! painful! I suggest that you soak in hydrogen peroxide several times a day. ESPECIALLY if you lose the nail. Hubster whacked his building our shed a few years back. It keeps it clean, but also keeps crud from getting caught under the new nail.

    I feel bad for ya! XXX

  4. thats weird...i got my right little in your diagram... caught in a piece of machinery last week and it was so painful i could see through timethe blod keeps spreading under the nail so i believe im in for a world of pain when that decides to detach...luckily it was a work related thing so i MAY be able to finagle a few days off...but you, you poor bugger...geetar picking fingers,sorry to see...
    oh i mentioned you over at my place last week..asking for strangers to fess up who they were..still waiting hehe

  5. Nessa: It is painful. I couldn't play properly friday night but its better for tonight's show. I'm tougher than I look :)

    Dicky: It was difficult friday night but it's on the mend now.My nail will also fall off but the finger won't. Thanks :)

    Momma: I asked at the chemist for hydrogen peroxide and was told there are better hair dye treatments than that!?! I said it was for my finger- she replied "but your finger is not hairy" - Never mind, it feel better already - it's on the mend
    Thanks for thew tip ;)

    Dan: So you can empathize with me. It is bloody painful. Number 2 finger is the one I'll hit next - I'll use both my little fingers in future to hold the nail prior to hammering ;) Thanks for the mention in your site