Saturday, 18 February 2012

100 Words: Music in minor chords

Carnival is underway in Funchal. Started yesterday, Friday, with the transvestite parade. Tonight is the main parade: music floats - each with a different theme - and all with beautiful girls, made up to the hilt, dressed in glitter and flowers: and it will end on Tuesday with the Tramp Parade.

My cousin Lisandra at last years parade 

The music tends to follow the Brazilian carnival model - which the Portuguese took to Rio - Samba, Pimba, etc. Cheerful music: the Latin rhythms ensure everyone present dances or at least taps their feet.

Presently, for some reason, I hear only music in minor chords...



  1. You live in a very festive world. I am jealous.

  2. They have a transvestite parade! Brilliant.

  3. Nessa: Yeah, we do have many celebrations throughout the year- No need to feel jealous, you can just jump in a plane and come check it for yourself :)

    Dicky: Yeah, almost the entire population cross dresses for the day. It's bizarre in a way - I often wonder what the tourists think!