Monday, 20 February 2012

Déjà vu

I read about the Senegalese singer Youssou N'dour's intentions to be a presidential candidate and it reminded me of a previous post.

Pele look-alike Youssou thinks it's all a game

Another deluded character who thinks the only qualifications required to run Senegal, a third world country full of crime debt and civil unrest , are the abilities to dance and write a song or two. Wonderful.

I decided to re-post the item below for the benefit of new readers.



I'm a celebrity, get me a presidency (or a brain).


A fine blog I follow from across the pond,, by a talented and witty writer Charles Emerson III, mentioned today the absurdity of 'old rapper' Wyclef Jean's intention of running for the presidency of Haiti.

Well, I just had to confirm the story, and now, can't resist having a dig myself! I'm not stealing your thunder, Charles (couldn't if I tried anyway) but I must vent my anger.

So, the pompous bling-laden singer thinks he is qualified for the job. 
Is it because he is a B class celebrity?  Well, I know he is a crap accountant (see below) 
Haiti - one of the world's poorest nations - needs a statesman of stature, comparable to the likes of Nelson Mandela or Mahatma Gandhi, to free itself from it's present predicament, not some dubious rapper from Newark, New Jersey with a dodgy tax record.

He set up the Yele Haiti Foundation in 2005 to help poor children in Haiti with scholarships, but (this is where it gets good) all the money raised ended up with good ol' Wyclef and his partner Jerry Duplessis! This case is still being investigated by the US Authorities. And how about Yele Haiti's predecessor, the Wyclef Foundation? Well that's even worse.

The Wyclef Jean Foundation has been involuntarily dissolved several times by the Florida Division of Corporations for failing to provide all necessary tax details to the authorities.

And he wants to become president of the world's poorest nation. With his accounting skills.

Ronald Reagan? 


  1. Great post Joe. Unfortunately lots of money meant for the poor all across the world gets syphoned off by greedy, more powerful people.

  2. Wyclef Jean sucks...good work...oh btw i mentioned you over at my place :)