Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Update from Paradise - part 12

A quick update from sunny Madeira. The weather is divine as usual and around 22 degrees centigrade. Not bad for winter!

Still living the bachelor life - for the time being anyway - and getting home between 4 and 6 am, getting up around 1 pm. Luckily my work allows for such a routine. But I do work four nights a week between 9 and 12, so don't think I'm a lazy slob, OK?

I recently made a guest appearance with the CoolFeel Band at The Rocks Club - great night. Here are some pics

I don't usually look at the guitar when I play !
See? I told you.
and the rest of the boys
I am presently building a garden wall. There is no cement mixer and I have to do it all by hand. No Ready Mix either - I'm mixing cement sand and gravel, just like a proper builder! Sometimes I surprise myself and this is one of those times. The wall is looking very good.

Kiara on the left helping out - That's me in the corner...      

...that's me in the spotlight, losing my religion... energy I mean.
 The only problem so far is that every single muscle in my body aches and I'm surprised I have so many muscles. I had no idea I was so well built! I don't know if I can take another couple of days of this - truly back-breaking work. And I'm not exactly used to hard manual labour. Or any kind of labour.

I'm told it will do me good - by the person who's getting her wall built, of course. I doubt her sincerity.



  1. Thats a nice view in the background, I was going to ask why you'd put up a wall to block a view like that but then I saw the other side of the fence. It looks like youre doing a good job...from someone thats never built a brick wall I guess my praise means very little..

  2. Great photos Joe. For a moment I thought it was going to be a video; which would be good. Your garden looks great and what a fantastic view!

  3. Tempo: Yeah, it's a wall to the road - had a rustic wood fence before but the dogs chewed it to bits. Some gnashers eh?

    Dicky: Will post a video one of these days, thanks. It's not my garden, belongs to someone I know. Lovely house with great views

  4. I love your captions. Now I've got that song stuck in my head. I've done nothing so productive all week. (Actually, that's a lie, but I won't go into it...)
    We've got the same weather here for a few days. It might snow on Wednesday. Good-looking wall. I'm impressed.

  5. yep...those dormant muscles tend to tap you on the shoulder every now and then when manual work is involved...
    now..those bricks...not wanting to be critical...but are you sure they are laid around the right way??
    haha..just kidding
    cool pics :)