Thursday, 12 January 2012

Images to put a smile on your face

As I can't think of anything to write about - can't get motivated - I have decided to share a few funny pics with you.

And they call this a fast-food restaurant!?

'cos I is a technocat

"freakin' knackered I am"

eeewww- enough to put me off eggs for life

Not amused -everybody knows us cats don't do veg! 

I rang the number and asked  "How much do you wanna  bet you can't?"

"Please don't shoot!

I will resume normal posting when my mood changes.



  1. Love the "Not pregnant,I can help" one.

  2. bahahahaha...ive seen a few of these mate..funny stuff...looking forward to more brilliant observations when yer ready ;)
    oh btw in keeping with the funny nature of your post the weird word we have to copy before we get published was today 'feces' hahahaha

  3. Excellent..we all have to break out now and then...

  4. Dicky: yeah, how enterprising is that?

    Nessa: glad I made you smile

    Dan:jeez! feces? presumably the US version of our faeces, I guess. wtf?

    Tempo: We all need cheering up, quite right :)