Saturday, 7 January 2012

Another sect to dissect

2012 will be an interesting year and if I had the time or inclination I would spend it smirking at all the apocalyptical loonies I meet and are preparing for Armageddon - based on some coke-headed Mayan's  prediction - but I have neither the time, inclination nor even the slightest interest. Well, that's not entirely true. I admit to having some interest otherwise I would not be commenting.

I was watching a TV documentary about the Ramtha Sect in the States and how their self-proclaimed messiah Ms J Z Knight (multi-millionairess - botox-inflated ego and lips) is gathering followers at an alarming rate. The sect is now present in France and is hell-bent on spreading, like a plague of ignorance, throughout the world.

Ms Knight's advert poster - yeah, right!

The real Ms Knight - what a difference! Deception on display

I am amazed at how gullible the followers are - how infantile and helpless they seem. Low intelligence and a dangerous lack of common sense are the conditions responsible, I know, but still.

Adults and children - yes, even children - are being brainwashed by the predatorial Ms Knight into parting with huge amounts of money in exchange for spiritual guidance on how to survive the imminent Armageddon. These 'lambs-to-slaughter' followers are led to believe they are the chosen few who will re-populate the Earth after  Judgement Day. And I bet some of you thought only the Jehova's Witnesses had such elitist beliefs.

As the followers get more and more detached from reality and their hard-earned cash, Ms Knight gets richer and richer. Sounds familiar?

You would have thought these people would be capable of reading about similar sects in the past and take heed. Read about the terrible consequences that befell followers of other sects, but hey, I'm expecting too much from those with so little.

Jonestown mass suicide

The Waco tragedy

Maybe they can't read. Maybe they're too stupid and deserve to be ripped off. Maybe I'm being too harsh. Maybe I'm not.

Unlike these poor souls, I remember reading about Waco and Jim Jones in Guyana, along with other countless sects that have brought misery and death to many a follower.

'Messiah' Jim Jones managed to instruct 914 men women and children, back in 1978, to commit suicide.

At Waco  back in 1993 'Messiah' David  Koresh instigated the destruction of 74 followers.

We all know there will be other sects in the future, other 'messiahs' ready to influence the weak-minded sections of society into parting with their cash and sometimes their lives. Sadly, some of the victims will be children, who'se greatest tragedy is having parents too weak and stupid to have had children.

Ignorance and blind faith fueling exploitation - same old story.

Moving on, I did promise humour in my posts, so here it is.

General Custer, making his last stand at the Battle Of Longhorn. He is the sole survivor, surrounded by thousands of Indians when the Fairy Godmother appears.

'Make a wish General'

'Get me out of here now'

'No can do General - anything but that. And whatever you wish for each Indian will get twice as much. Take it or leave it'

'OK, give me a glass eye'



  1. Hi Joe, I was 18 when Jons' followers all killed themselves and I wondered for years why it happened. The churches have been ripping people off in a similar but less deadly way for hundreds of years and I wondered about that too.. Finally I come to believe that many people NEED someone to follow and if theres no one great in their lives they follow anyone. If the churches took responsibility for their failures and fixed themselves up a bit they could once again become worth following for the leaderless in society.

  2. Jehovah's Witness, heeeheee. A very good friend of mine is a Jehovah's Witness, and MAAAANNN are those people nuts. Of course, I was raised as a baptist, so there's not much hope for me either. (Pass the Kool-aid.)

  3. Ahh suspicions and research have been independently verified. While hardly making my argument a scientifically sound one it does, thanks to those two pics give a bit more credence to it.
    Knight was one of those halfwits in that abysmally shocking film 'what the bleep do we know?', who bleated on about higher powers and spiritual energy with very little evidence to back up her claims. Complete twaddle that twisted the arguments of theoretical physics around for its own end. Some good animation though.
    Endgame theories are a dime a dozen and will continue to scare those with more money than brains, or unfortunately for the majority those with less money and sadly less to lose into 'buying' their way to some salvatory redemption.
    I wonder which date this modern day rapture will happen. Will we all be consumed as a whole or will this destruction calmly and in an orderly fashion follow the international date line?
    Good post my man!

  4. Tempo: Sad but true - some people need to follow someone or something.

    Nessa: In my opinion all religion followers are nuts - as are all sect members

    Dan: nothing more annoying than zealots trying to use science to back up their myths

  5. Another sect to dissect"
    Well done Joe, thank you for getting the word out about JZ Knight.
    I would caution Dan and others to think that JZ Knight is a mere "Halfwit"! What we are dealing with here is a brilliant but deranged sociopath running a multimillion dollar corporation cult called "Ramtha's School of Enlightenment (RSE) based in Yelm Washington.
    You may be interested to checkout our website and forum created by former member of RSE. We are doing our very best to expose this RSE and to give former members a place speak out and recover from this cult.
    Cult leaders such as JZ Knight will continue to thrive in our society when they are all to easily dismissed as halfwits and their followers naive fools.
    End of story.. no need for in-depth investigations nor understanding by mainstream media.
    Until another Waco or Jones Town hits home!


    1. Thank you David, I'll check out the website :)