Thursday, 6 October 2011

Update from paradise 2

Here are some more photos from Madeira;

Breathtaking views - near Porto Da Cruz
On our way from Ribeiro Frio to the North Coast
My old boat! The new owner has it up and running. I wish I still had it :( 
This is the valley I want to create a fishing  lake in - work in progress
Ribeira Da Janela
yum yum, those things make one of the best dishes ever - Espetada
Jardin Do Mar - Village fete preparations
Snack time on our balcony


  1. Didnt know you had a boat before? Great photos, looks lovely out there. Are you into fishing?

  2. well.. can I just tell you, I am JEALOUS! I hope you are truly enjoying yourself! Is this a permanent change?

  3. Hi Dicky, yeah, that was my boat until both engines decided to pack up and I couldn't finance the repairs.I love fishing, all disciplines, and am trying to create an artificial lake here for carp fishing (none available here, for now.)Are you into fishing?

    Hi Momma, how are you? You don't need to be jealous, but I would, hehe. It is meant to be a permanent move but never can tell what the future will bring

  4. Hey Joe,

    Great to meet you last week and Thanks for giving me the chance for a sing!

    It's nice to be home bit Madeira's a hard place to leave...