Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Goodbye Mum, I'll never stop loving you

Yesterday, 11th October 2011 at 09:30, my Mum passed away in hospital, after suffering  heart seizure.

Mum had been in hospital for 3 weeks, most of that time in Intensive Care.

Mum was moved last Friday from one hospital to another and that filled us with hope. From Intensive Care to a convalescing hospital, it was looking promising.

Mum and Dad's wedding : The beginning of the story...
I saw her Sunday at 13:00 and she was smiling but subdued. I asked her when she was coming home as I miss our Sunday lunches together and she smiled but didn't say anything.

Mum was more concerned with my injured knuckle, sustained on my way home the day before. I tripped and smashed my right little finger on a wall. It is bandaged and bruised and mum was annoyed I hadn't gone to A&E. I assured her I would go to hospital if it got worse.

I hour later I kissed her cheek and left her there with my Dad for company. I told her I'd visit again Tuesday after 17:00 with Madeleine. Mum smiled and we hugged and that's the last time I saw her.

I can't accept I won't see her again. My Mum has gone and I don't know what to do to make the pain go away. I'm going to miss her so much. I often mentioned one of the advantages of returning to Madeira was being here for my parents.

I feel so sorry for Mum too. Mum did not want to die and made that perfectly clear; to me at least, though she had often confided in others how she was sick and tired of being ill and in discomfort and wished for a speedy end. Mum never said such thing to me; Mum never would say anything to hurt me. Mum shielded me from the truth now, as she often did throughout my life when it was necessary and more comforting for me not to know the truth. Because Mum cared for me in a way no one else could.

Mum constantly helped me financially, especially around two years ago, after I signed away all my worldly goods to my ex wife. Mum would slip notes into my pockets everytime I visited her and she would also come with Dad to pick me up once a week and take me to the supermarket to pay for my groceries.

Mum did all that because she loved me unconditionally.

I love my Mum unconditionally too and always will.

I so wish there was something I could have done. I so wish I could have saved her or even been there at the end to hold her close.

My darling Mum recently
There were seven of us and now only three remain.

I have mentioned lately that I'm living in paradise and feel the happiest I've felt in years.  The irony of it all.

R.I.P Mum. I love you and never will forget you. Thank you for being my Mum, my creator, my carer and my source of comfort for so many years.



  1. I am so sorry to know of the heartache you are experiencing. Your Mum sounds like she was wonderful and I think she had you with her in her heart when she let go... Hugs to you and yours.

  2. My thoughts and prayers are with you Joe,she was a wonderful woman loved by so many and will be sorely missed by all who knew her and loved her,I loved her and am devastated that I wont see her again but I am grateful that we had a lovely summer lunch this year together, she made me laugh so much and always cheered me up!
    despite her own losses and suffering she always wanted to make everyone else happy and that's how I will always remember her.... smiling
    Joking a ray of sunshine in a dull world.

  3. I'm so sorry Joe. I see my mum a couple of times a week, and I don't know what I'd do without her.

    I love that you've put old and modern photos of your mum on this post.

    Best wishes.

  4. Oh Joe, you have my heartfelt sympathy. My mum is a rock too and I feel sick at the thought of ever letting her go.

    I am sure she knows how much you love her. Treasure your memories and remember that you are one of the things in this world that she would be proudest of.

    Lots of love.


  5. Momma, Cathy, Dicky and Kelly - thank you for your kind words x

  6. Joe, I'm so sorry I've only just seen this, and consequently am so late in offering my sympathy. I know there's nothing I can say that will make you feel any better, but I think you know how lucky you both were, and are, to have had each other.

  7. Thank you Sharon for your kind words

  8. This post brings tears to my eyes. I hope you feel a little better now than a month ago, even though i can imagine the pain ever going away. I wanted to send all my warmth that i have left from a cold sweden! big hug! //Linn

  9. Thank you Linn. big hug to you too