Monday, 31 October 2011

100 Words: Halloween

A scattering of witches and zombies are going about their business in the busy shopping centre. What is their business? Its lunchtime and normal dressed people are busy getting lunch and last minute shopping for tonight's many parties across the city. Why are these few dressed up so early in the day? Have they gone to work or school in their ghoulish outfits? Maybe they just want to be different. By doing what most people will not do until this evening. I want to party tonight but won't be dressing up. No, I just want to be different.


  1. It would have been slightly funny if the zombie apocalypse had started, but you were just ignoring it.

  2. I wouldn´t put it past me, Dicky. I´ve been so relaxed lately, since arriving back here, anything is possible :) Thanks