Monday, 11 May 2015

Weekend To Remember

I will start by retracting some but not all of the criticism directed at online dating in my previous post.

It appears I wasn't the only one trying out Zoosk purely for research and curiosity reasons.

A delightful person responded to one of my messages!

And we have met, several times! this space :)

Yes, I can honestly say I am surprised and bewildered to have found a genuine sparkling gem in what at first seemed to be a dubious market place stocked with unlabelled goods.

I must desist from the annoying habit of jumping to premature conclusions!

On an equally cheerful note, I announce another extremely pleasant experience that happened Saturday night ( no, not that  -_- ) in Basingstoke.

I was at the New Inn pub with pals (and my delightful new-found gem) to listen to my friend Lisandra playing her live gig. 

I was called up to do a song (something I love doing) and then returned to my table, humbly acknowledging the applause (something I love even more) when an unknown chap in the crowd approached me, shook me by the hand and introduced himself as Ralph.

He knew my name and informed me of how much he loves my blog!

Ralph went on to tell me how he is also thinking of starting a blog and reads mine for inspiration.

Thank you Ralph. You will succeed !

I don't know if all these wonderful surprises are actually good for my health but I'm sure as hell not about to start complaining.

A special thanks and huge hug to Lisandra. 

A heartfelt thank-you to my beloved friends Claudia and Marco, for their enduring friendship, boundless love and selfless hospitality. And also for accepting my precious new friend, with their customary charm and open arms.

And last but not least, thank you, sweet P, for making me tremble in anticipation of our next encounter <3



  1. I hope not to jinx anything, but luck.

  2. She's already making you tremble? That's great news for both of you! I hope she's trembling too!

    1. Hahah, I'll ask and let you know GB :)

    2. She's trembling too. No doubt GB!
      (Sweet P.)

  3. Ralph reads your blog for inspiration, and now you're not posting anymore! Come on, Joe, give us an update.